On the painting table ... Wolves 

Warhammer 40,000 – What do you do when you have two models of the same character from different eras? Well I suppose you commission someone to paint it up as a unique model to represent a different loadout. One of my regular clients came across a full complement of Space Wolf character models in a bargin bin and sent them over to get painted like the rest of his force. 

First up is the old style Logan Grimnar model. The direction on this one was to make him look like a younger model armed with a black axe. Young celtic inspired space viking screams red hair to me so that's the direction I opted to go in. The black wolf pelt is there to balance the black of the axe and pull that color throughout the model. The armour is the same slate gray with two coats of drakenfild wash to match the rest of the force.

The second model for this batch is the Wolf Priest Njal Stormcaller. This is a older librarian character so I tried to keep the hair gray and the skin pale, dealing with the warp takes quite a bit out of a guy you know. The rest of the paint follows suit with the other models in the force which you can see here and here.


On the painting table ... Warriors of Faith

Dungeons and Dragons – So a cleric and a paladin walk into a bar... This week on my painting table are two character models from Reaper Miniatures. These are the traditional metal figures rather than the new bones material. Both materials have their own benefits but for one off models I think I still prefer the metal.

The direction I received for these was white robes, traditional plate on the mail and gold plate on the female. Pretty straightforward so as I usually do with armoured figures I start with base coating the armour first and then doing the detail work. It makes it easier to wash and highlight without fear of slopping onto the other parts of the model. Once that's done I go in and paint the cloth, skin and hair. 

There's a bit more work left to do on these but so far I'm really hapy with the progress.


On the painting table ... More Mice and Mystics

Boardgames – My painting table was recently grace by these two nifty little models. These are from the Mice & Mystics: Heart of Gloorm Expansion. I've never played the game but my client seems to really enjoy it so I might need to check it out. 

The two models are both sorcerer/wizard types one being a lighting bug and the other a shaman type character. For these I've been asked to paint them to tabletop standard with a little extra glow on the lighting bug. 

Browns, grays and tans are the order of the day for these matching or coming close to the box/card art pretty much dictates my color choice, so the only thing I needed to think about is the final execution. 


On the painting table ... Black Legion

Warhammer 40,000 – It's a good sign that the new CSM books are good when I start getting new clients requesting new Chaos Marine forces. It's one thing when I'm updating existing clients existing armies (ie putting paint on stuff they've had for ages) but totally new forces are something special, considering how long they've been lamented as a "bad book"I'm excited to start seeing more varied CSM forces on the table.

This is a pretty simple 3C job with minor edge highlighting. Being the models are going to be so dark that edge highlight is going to be needed to bring out the details. 

The core force I have to start with consists of a terminator lord, (3) Combi-melts Terminators and (20) berserkers. Since the chaos terminator kit only comes with (1) combi-melta I dug around my bitz to convert two additional meltas for the squad. I think they turned out great and will blend in on the table very well.

For the berserkers he had a mixture of basic CSM and Khorne Beserker sprues. By mixing and matching the parts I was able to put together a pretty bloodthirsty looking band of madmen. 

For painting I used a really dark gray color as a base, gunmetal for the chrome and a aged copper for the trim. After a quick wash I went back in and did the edge highlights, bone and red areas. 


Boxes - Building what's in them to free up space

Warhammer 40K – If you're anything like me you have boxes of unassembled miniatures all over your game area/hobby room. My drug of choice for models on sprue is Space Marines mostly. It's one of those ubiquitous things that I always have on my wish list for Christmas just because there's always another variation to build, another squad load out to try, or just a cool idea to kit base and covert a unique pose.

Of course these boxes of sprue take up a ton of space. Every so often I like to go through stuff I have still on sprue and trim it off to sort out in my bitz boxes. With space marine kits the parts are so interchangeable that it doesn't often matter what kit they came from originally.

The big exception to this is vehicle kits of course, putting them together as you remove them from the sprue is a necessity for the most part. I had several land speeder kits sitting around (apparently when I added Landspeeder Storms to my wish list they sent regular speeders instead) which with the new formations I prefer to take the landspeeder as my fast attack choice because it's more durable and cheaper typically.

With the two I just built I opted to do multiples of single weapons. I don't know how many times I've have my auto cannon melta speeder miss with the melta shot and not be able to do anything effective with the cannon. I figure with two of them that second shot should hit more often than not.

The other version I built has two heavy flamers. It looks sweet as hell and I can't wait to rain death upon hordes of cultists or anything that relies on a jink save. Of course then I realized that if i jink with it I can fire anything because they are template weapons. So the survivability of this one is significantly lower. But for those times it causes 12 no cover save wounds it should be totally worth it.

Also in this round I had several sprue of heavy weapons left over from the Devastator kits. With a few bodies from the Calth set mixed with the extra weapons I was able to make use of everything. Heavy and special weapons are one thing you can really never have enough of. With my goal for a full chapter I guess I'll still need more of these, but I have enough for a few companies at least.

Next step is to sit down and re-sort my bitz. I have several bags of parts that need to be organized that are left of from client jobs. 

Keeping this stuff organized is a huge help but that is only half the battle. Remember where you put things is also a big deal I might need to borrow my wife's label maker to keep this stuff organized.