Kingdom Death Monster ... WIP

Kingdom Death – I've made some more progress on the starting survivors and monsters for my Kingdom Death client which just so happens to coincide with the new kickstarter campaign. Totally worth checking out as it broke all the records for the first campaign within hours of the launch.

This project is really giving me the itch to get my own set completed and run through a full campaign. The first time I tried my group made it to the antelope before things fell apart and we moved on to another game. Not because it wasn't fun but more because we couldn't get everyone together regularly enough to keep it moving.

One of the things I'm most happy about with these so far is the look of the bases it took me a little time to get them right but now they match the game board really well. I'll probably add a bit of dead grass to the monster bases once I finish painting them.


Batman: The Dark Knight ... Book Review

Book Review – As I've mentioned several times before in recent weeks, I never was a big DC fan so I'm behind on the times and have been trying to catch up. My most recent haul from the library is the complete New 52 run of Batman: The Dark Knight. 

All I can say is WOW, the art is really great and I love the dark feel of this book. I'm going to track down some of the other books in the New 52 to read the trades before I move on to Rebirth. I don't quite understand what the need to reboot every year or tow is all about but it does make it easy to jump in on a new story line without having several decades of back story to catch up on.

I think next I'm going to check out the Flash books from this same New 52 run. I never really followed the character so other than what I've seen on TV or through other books I didn't know much other than he runs fast and can mess up the timeline.


On fire ... DnD Progress

Dungeons & Dragons – I'm just aboiut done with these fire demons. It's a bit odd because the models aren't technically sculpted like they're on fire so I'm really just winging it to determine where the hot spots should be and where it cools down to more of an orange from the white and yellow areas. I'm happy with the results and I feel like the models are conveying that made from flame look.

One of the tricks I picked up to make the fire look really bright is to use fluorescent paints and glazes to bring out the transitions. When painting fire you do the opposite of what you would normally do to paint a model. The lightest color goes down first and then you work you way up to the darkest color for the areas that would typically be highlights. This will give you a realistic look to the flame and make it easier as you start with white and work you way up to a dark orange or red.



The Wolf Lord Sleighs Again

Warhammer 40,000 – Just in time for the holidays Logan Grimnar rides across my paint table to bring grim darkness to all the good little Imperial Servants. My Space Wolf client is getting the core of his force just about wrapped up and wanted Logan on and off his sleigh to lead them to battle. The model isn't as ridiculous as it looks, although it does look pretty silly. But who am I to judge space vikings, a rocket powered longboat pulled by wolves makes sense right?


Anyway the detail on the model is really nice and has a ton of character. I painted this in the same basic style as the rest of the force with a slate grey base followed by a nightshade wash. The gold portions have a bronze base with gold highlights wash with earthshade to give them an aged look. 

The rest of the details match the standards of the rest of his force.


Air Support - Ultramarines

Warhammer 40,000 – The boys in blue make a return to my table. To go along with the rest of the project, I'm working on a Landspeeder Storm and Storm Talon. The Landspeeder was partially assembled incorrectly, so I had to do my best to make it look ok, the plastic glue my client used was to strong of a bond to break apart without damaging so this will be a unique version of the vehicle.

Painting on these two follows the same process as the rest, Macragge Blue base, Nightshade wash, highlight with the base. I really simple process that quickly gets this up to the 3C job the client requested. Once I get the decals on these two they'll be ready to send back to the client and move on to the next project.